European elections • 23 - 26 May

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Show how #CoopsInspireChange


It is now over to you! Join our campaign and show how #CoopsInspireChange in your family, community, workplace and country. We want our future representatives to see the impact cooperatives have across the EU and discover each-other’s initiatives while encouraging our communities to vote.

Show & tell: #CoopsInspireChange

Take a photo or a video with our postcard printable and speech bubbles and tell us (or show!) how #CoopsInspireChange for you. Get creative and get everyone involved. Promote elections at events, conferences, community events, your work and to your networks.


  1. 1Print out the postcard printable and fill it out
  2. 2Better together: Get yourself, your team, customers, your achievements in front of a phone or a camera. You can use fun speech bubbles and posters.
    Hold them up!
  3. 3Take a photo or a video: hold up the postcard and take photo with it. Even better: hold it up and read it out in front of the camera! (don’t forget there are 2 sides!) We love videos with a passion.
  4. 4Encourage: in your video encourage others to vote for an issue near to your heart
  5. 5Sharing is caring: Now share it on social media with hashtags #CoopsInspireChange and #ThisTimeImVoting.
    Mention @coopseurope to make sure we don’t miss it.

You will be featured on, and maybe even on the page of the European Parliament itself!
Still confused? Here’s a quick postcard printable guide.

Approach #CoopSupporters

Do you know a candidate Member of the European Parliament? Do they tick the boxes of becoming a #CoopSupporter? If yes, then either contact us with their name or directly contact them to:


  1. 1Introduce cooperatives & Cooperatives Europe to the candidate
  2. 2Send them our strategy paper and a letter from President Jean-Louis Bancel (available here)
  3. 3Ask them to become a #CoopSupporter – either through this link or directly by asking for their name, country, party, photo and a quote supporting coops.
  4. 4Forward us their candidature and (if member) help us maintain the relationship in the future

Spread the word on social media

Social media has the power to spread our positive stories of cooperation far and wide. Why not show your support to the campaign and amplify the cooperative voice online:


  1. 1Encourage your networks to join the campaign to tell us how #CoopsInspireChange
  2. 2Change it up: change your cover photos with our social media headers
  3. 3Promote by putting a banner on your website
  4. 4Share the campaign with your followers!
    Use our ready-made photos, GIFs and take a look at the social media sample posts.
  5. 5Hashtags matter: make sure to include #CoopsInspireChange and mention @coopseurope.
    You can also include #ThisTimeImVoting.

Vote and inform others

With self-responsibility and democracy as some of the main cornerstones for cooperatives, this election we encourage our communities and networks to have their say in the future of Europe and vote in the European elections. This is what you can do:


  1. 1Inform your networks about the European elections
  2. 2Promote as a one-stop-shop to your contacts.
    Add a banner to your website
  3. 3Sign up to to receive all the voting information you need.
    Encourage others to join through that link!
  4. 4Host events to inform your community about the elections. Use #CoopsInspireChange resources and discover more support material for events.
  5. 5Check your dates of voting and put it in your calendar
  6. 6Discover #CoopSupporters before heading to vote
  7. 7Be a proud cooperator-voter.
    Take photos and videos on election day with #CoopsInspireChange stickers, pins and posters

Host an event

Got an event, a general assembly, a community fundraiser happening? Now is the time to educate your community about the upcoming European Elections


  1. 1Register your event on
  2. 2Download European elections resources and the resources of Cooperatives Europe (manifesto, stickers, social media banners, pins etc – change the colours, change the logos as needed)
  3. 3You may also request a speaker from your local European Union Liaison Office

Discover our campaign guide and download advocacy documents, flyers, posters, stickers, pins, social media posts, GIFs, and more.

All resources are editable with source files included.
You are free to customize them as you wish.

We have developed, tested & validated an innovative concept of ENR (+60%)
The #WindTrap wind turbine seeks industrial partner to finalize the project
114 seconds to discover this innovative wind turbine



We have developed, tested & validated an innovative concept of ENR (+60%)
The #WindTrap wind turbine seeks industrial partner to finalize the project
114 seconds to discover this innovative wind turbine


We congratulate @Aflatoun cooperative partners around the world with #Coopsday #CoopsDay2019 #coops4dev #CoopsInspireChange

Example from Philippines = @NATCCO :

We're having a great time at #EDD19 with @CoopsEurope, #CEDP and #Coops4Dev colleagues at stand 7!

Come join us to discover the cooperative world & learn more about a democratic business model inspiring change worldwide. #CoopsInspireChange @andreea_ts

Communications officer Elis Rosenberg presented the #coops campaign ahead of #EUelections19 titled #CoopsInspireChange, which now continues with building up the #CoopSupporter network of MEPs supportive of cooperatives.

More info: #CoopsEU19

New Partnership between @Aflatoun & Int Cooperative Alliance-Africa @ICA_AFRICA1 to empower Youth with Social/Financial & Entrepreneurial Skills
#coops4dev #CoopsInspireChange #coops #YouthEmployability #GenerationUnlimited @UNYouthEnvoy @_GenUnlimited SEE

🇪🇺Heading to vote in #EUelections2019 today? Don't forget to post your photo with hashtag #CoopsInspireChange!

In the meanwhile take a look at these proud cooperators who have pledged #ThisTimeImVoting:

Get your postcard:

Pre harvest joy and a very well spent day while preparing for tomorrow #ThisTimeImVoting #EUelections2019 #CoopsInspireChange #agriculture

In focus🏠
Cooperative housing providers have a vision of a Europe which provides access to decent & affordable housing for all in socially, economically and environmentally sustainable communities.

Read the manifesto of @HousingEurope #CoopsInspireChange

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