European elections • 23 - 26 May

We are building a people-centred Europe with cooperatives.

Will you be part of it?

This May European citizens will determine the direction the European Union will take by voting in the Elections of the new European Parliament.

By the people, for the people

Inspiring change in Europe and beyond, with cooperatives.

Cooperative enterprises and their values inspire change in the lives of the citizens, communities and the way we imagine our future. Like cooperatives, Europe must be built by the people, for the people.

It is now up to you, the citizens, to vote in a Parliament that will put its people first, and for you, the candidates to give cooperative enterprises ground for the next four years to change the course towards a more democratic, sustainable, fair and value driven Europe.

We invite you to discover how #CoopsInspireChange, why vote for a CoopSupporter, how to become one and build a Europe where everyone has a say.

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Cooperatives stand for a more democratic, sustainable, fair and people-centred Europe. Discover our recommendations to the European institutions, the citizen campaign showing how #CoopsInspireChange and find out about our network of supportive candidate MEPs.

We invite you to become a #CoopSupporter – a champion of putting people first. Together we can build a more cooperative Europe serving people’s needs and aspirations.

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As cooperators, democracy and self-responsibility are some of the cornerstones of our day-to-day lives. This is why we call you to pledge: #ThisTimeImVoting!  Discover the cooperators & allies area to find out where to vote, meet the candidate MEPs who have pledged to support cooperatives in the next years and importantly, take action. 

It’s time to show the huge impact cooperatives have on communities and citizens in Europe and worldwide. It’s time to show how #CoopsInspireChange. Join our campaign!

Latest #Coopsupporters

Paul Pasquali

Austria, OVP

Cooperatives are a role model for Europe

Gwenaelle Grovonius

Belgium, Socialist PS

I support cooperatives because it’s the future for more and better jobs. For a more sustainable economy and therefore environment.

Erica Lewis

UK, Labour

I support cooperatives because of their history and current practice in working for good jobs with decent pay for both their own workers and workers in their supply chain, and because as businesses with a social purpose they are committed to achieving social justice in their communities.

Brando Benifei

Italy, Partito Democratico (S&D)

The cooperative economy is a central element of the life of European citizens

Rory Palmer

UK, Labour Party/ S&D

We need a fairer, more equal, more environmentally-just and more democratic economy: we need a more co-operative economy. I’m pleased to support Cooperatives Europe and proud to be a member of the UK Co-op Party.

Sven Giegold

Germany, Bündnis90/Die Grünen

Marie Toussaint

France, Greens

I support cooperatives because we have no more time to lose to build a society and an economy which is based on the commons, which protects both people and nature

Claire Cozler

UK, Labour Party

I support cooperatives because they are a fantastic method of mutual support and solidarity, that work across the UK, Europe, and the World.

🇪🇺Glad to take part in @Europarl_EN' s Social Economy Intergroup meeting today with a strong participation from #CoopSupporter MEPs.

🤝We will work towards a forward-looking collaboration in furthering cooperatives and other #SocialEconomy enterprises in Europe. #SEIG

👏The Social Economy Intergroup of the @Europarl_EN has been renewed👏 Thanks to the #CoopSupporter MEPs who supported the campaign.

Read what it means for #cooperatives >>
#SEIG #socialeconomy

"We have developed, tested & validated an innovative concept of ENR(+60%)
The #WindTrap wind turbine seeks industrial partner to finalize the project.114 second to discover this innovative turbine

The final decision on the Parliamentary Intergroups will be taken on December 12th. Cooperatives Europe supports the renewal of the #SocialEconomy Intergroup (SEIG) and invites MEPs, particularly our #CoopSupporter network, to support as well!

Thanks to MEP Pierre Karleskind for receiving Cooperatives Europe earlier this week to discuss the place and importance of cooperatives in Europe.

We look forward to collaborating in the future with him as part of our #CoopSupporter network!🇪🇺

We have developed, tested & validated an innovative concept of ENR (+60%)
The #WindTrap wind turbine seeks industrial partner to finalize the project
114 seconds to discover this innovative wind turbine



We have developed, tested & validated an innovative concept of ENR (+60%)
The #WindTrap wind turbine seeks industrial partner to finalize the project
114 seconds to discover this innovative wind turbine


We congratulate @Aflatoun cooperative partners around the world with #Coopsday #CoopsDay2019 #coops4dev #CoopsInspireChange

Example from Philippines = @NATCCO :

We're having a great time at #EDD19 with @CoopsEurope, #CEDP and #Coops4Dev colleagues at stand 7!

Come join us to discover the cooperative world & learn more about a democratic business model inspiring change worldwide. #CoopsInspireChange @andreea_ts

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