European elections • 23 - 26 May

Discover #CoopSupporters

Your vote for a #CoopSupporter candidate will ensure that we can work towards workers having a say in their working conditions, farmers being able to receive fair wages, communities producing renewable energy, young people waging their own paths on the job markets, and you having a say on the issues that matter the most in your community. We will make it happen with the support of your chosen representatives, who we hope like us, will put people before profit.

Who is a #CoopSupporter candidate?


#CoopSupporter can be a candidate from any party who:


  • Shares our vision of a European economy that puts people before profit
  • Supports the cooperative business model with its values & principles
  • Commits to realise the priorities of our manifesto

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  1. 1

    Send the candidates the manifesto of Cooperatives Europe to introduce the work cooperatives do at the EU level

  2. 2

    Ask them to become a #CoopSupporter – a candidate Member of the European Parliament who pledges to put people first

Latest #Coopsupporters

Jutta Paulus

Germany, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

I support cooperatives because they bring citizens together and stand for dignity, responsibility, self-initiative and self-government.

James Beckles

United Kingdom, Labour / Cooperative Party

I support cooperatives because they provide a sustainable means to build community wealth and resilience as an alternative to the demands of the market. Wealth created by communities is reinvested and redistributed providing the basis for sustainable communities.

Dirk Vansintjan

Belgium, Groen/Greens-EFA

I support cooperatives because I am sure that we only can tackle climate change with a cooperative economy.

Anna Cavazzini

Germany, Greens

I support cooperatives because they are drivers for a social and ecological transition of the economy.

Nikos Chrysogelos

Greece, Greens-Solidarity

I support the cooperative model for social and green innovation and transition.

Jean-Pierre Wetzels

Belgium, Socialist

I support cooperatives because in my eyes it is the best sort of entrepreneurship.

Sanchia Alasia

United Kingdom, Labour

I support Cooperatives because we need to form mutual models for the future.

Dr. Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana

Germany, Bündnis90/Die Grünen

I support cooperatives because of our vision of a European economy that puts people before profit.

Paul Pasquali

Austria, OVP

Cooperatives are a role model for Europe

Gwenaelle Grovonius

Belgium, Socialist PS

I support cooperatives because it’s the future for more and better jobs. For a more sustainable economy and therefore environment.

Erica Lewis

UK, Labour

I support cooperatives because of their history and current practice in working for good jobs with decent pay for both their own workers and workers in their supply chain, and because as businesses with a social purpose they are committed to achieving social justice in their communities.

Brando Benifei

Italy, Partito Democratico (S&D)

The cooperative economy is a central element of the life of European citizens

Rory Palmer

UK, Labour Party/ S&D

We need a fairer, more equal, more environmentally-just and more democratic economy: we need a more co-operative economy. I’m pleased to support Cooperatives Europe and proud to be a member of the UK Co-op Party.

Sven Giegold

Germany, Bündnis90/Die Grünen

Marie Toussaint

France, Greens

I support cooperatives because we have no more time to lose to build a society and an economy which is based on the commons, which protects both people and nature

Claire Cozler

UK, Labour Party

I support cooperatives because they are a fantastic method of mutual support and solidarity, that work across the UK, Europe, and the World.

Bart Staes

Belgium, Groen

I support #CoopSupporter and #CoopInspireChange because cooperative cooperation is the future in many policies. Certainly in food, energy, social policy and transport. Cooperatives are the building blocks for transition into a green future!

Mary Wimbury

UK, Welsh Labour

I support cooperatives because they provide vital user and worker participation in the economy.

Ivan Stomeo

Italy, PSE

To rediscover the meaning of the European dream we must return to being bold and relaunching the challenge of a Europe as a community of people and peoples.  I do not propose a utopia, but practices innovative local development, such as community cooperatives that improve well-being and health quality of life of people by valuing dormant, material and immaterial local resources. The future of Europe is in the strength of our communities.

Patricia Kopietz

Germany, Partei Mensch Umwelt Tierschutz

Petra De Sutter

Belgium, Groen

Julie Ward

UK, Labour / Cooperative Party

Ryszard Stanisław Kowalczuk

Poland, Kukiz'15

Dominikos Kyriakos Chrysidis

Greece, Greens-Solidarity

I support cooperatives because I believe in a Europe where young people are empowered and able to decide about their future, they are creative and active active in promoting a social and green economy that works for all!

Arran Neathey

UK, Labour

I support cooperatives because I want an European economy that puts power and wealth in the hands of the many. I want to support social enterprise that exist for more than profit. Cooperatives put democracy ahead of markets.

Daniel Freund

Germany, Greens

Yvonne Tennant

UK, Labour Party

Co-operation is the way forward.

Dr. Rohit K. Dasgupta

UK, Labour

I am a Labour Party MEP candidate for South East England. I am also a Labour and Cooperative Party councillor in Newham. I am committed to cooperative value and if elected will continue to champion coop values in the European Parliament

Theresa Griffin

UK, Labour / Socialists & Democrats

Jan Ovelgönne

Germany, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

Jude Kirton-Darling

UK, Labour / Cooperative Party

Rasmus Andresen

Germany, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

Alison Hume

UK, Labour

Paul Brannen


Katy Clark

UK, Labour

Alex Mayer

UK, Labour

Peter Simon

Germany, SPD / Fraktion der Progressiven Allianz der Sozialdemokraten

Chris Vince

UK, Labour

As a proud Co-op Party member I believe in the values of the Co-operative movement and it’s importance across Europe.

Sadik Al-Hassan

UK, Labour

I am a #coopsupporter because I understand the value of cooperatives to our communities and the people living in them.

Leonie Mathers

UK, Labour

The challenges we face in the new global economy cannot be solved by thinking the same way we have always done. It’s time for cooperative solutions, working together and sharing the rewards of our success.

Nicola Danti

Italy, Partito Democratico (PD - PES)

I support cooperatives because they put people before profit and strive to maximise the well-being of their workers. Coop is a truly European business model and we should be proud of it, as it enshrines Europe’s values of democracy, sustainability and fairness.

Pierre Larrouturou

France, Nouvelle Donne - Envie d'Europe - S&D

Bodil Valero

Sweden, Miljöpartiet de gröna

I support cooperatives because I believe in a democratic, sustainable and fair Europe.

Sylvie Guillaume

France, Parti Socialiste - Envie d'Europe

I support cooperatives because I want a Europe that focuses more on solidarity, supporting citizens rather than financial markets and being strong enough so as to encourage young people in achieving their projects #CoopSupporter

Monique Ackermans

Greece, Ecological greens-solidarity

I support cooperatives because I want to build a sustainable, social and inclusive Europe.

Stelios Kouloglou

Greece, SYRIZA

Christos Bezirtzoglou

Greece, Dimiourgia Xana

I am a #CoopSupporter because cooperatives are “citizens’ entrepreneurship”.

Fabrice de Comarmond

France, Envie d’Europe / Parti Socialiste

Le rôle de l’economie sociale et solidaire et des coopératives en Europe est essentiel pour remettre les 500 millions d’europeen Au cœurs des politiques européennes. Je soutien cet appel pour une Europe au service de nos concitoyens et pas du profit et de la financiarisation de l’économie !

Yvonne Atkinson

UK, Labour

Clare Moody

UK, Labour

Sandrine Hernandez

France, Envie d’Europe

Cooperative enterprises respond perfectly to the challenges of our project for Europe: democracy, solidarity, responsibility, sustainability, transparency, proximity and service.

Emma Turnbull

UK, Labour

‪I share Cooperatives Europe’s vision of a European economy that puts people before profit. By working together & sharing out the rewards, we can build a fairer, more socially & ecologically sustainable economy. #CoopSupporter #CoopsInspireChange‬

Sara Ferri

Italy, La Sinistra

I support cooperatives because they put people and rights at the center. In my experience as coordinator of “Il Geco” I realized how effective a cooperative is promoting integration and social development.

Caterina Cerroni

Italy, Partito Democratico

I support cooperatives because economy must be human In each economic sector, from banking to agriculture, from social to housing, European cooperatives are an essential element to build resilient, sustainable and people-centred societies

Jackie Jones

UK, Welsh Labour and Cooperative party

I support the cooperative movement because together we can build strong communities that work for our communities. We can promote health, wellbeing and climate action that will make a positive difference in our neighbourhoods and across the world.

Rachel Collinson

UK, Green/EFA

I support cooperatives because if a worker has a stake in what they are doing, they are likely to be happier and more productive, building a fairer and more pleasant society for all.

David Martin

UK, Labour

Gerhard Lohmann-Bond

UK, Green Party of England and Wales

I support cooperatives because they offer a viable alternative to traditional employment practices; because they empower their members; because people must always come before profits.

Gina Dowding

UK, Green Party

Cooperatives are a proven way of ensuring that wealth and the profits of mutual endeavour are more equitably distributed. As a Green MEP I would be proud to support the promote the work of Cooperatives Europe’s one rout to tackle social inequality.

Carla Denyer

UK, Green Party of England and Wales