European elections • 23 - 26 May

Do you share our vision? Become a #CoopSupporter

Are you a candidate for the European Parliament? 

We are looking for candidates Members to the European Parliament to join us as a #CoopSupporter and work together to build a democratic, fair, equal and people-centred Europe. With cooperatives.

Like cooperatives, Europe must be built by the people, for the people.

Cooperative enterprises, as Social Economy actors, give millions of Europeans the opportunity to directly address the needs of their communities, decide how the businesses are run and share their profits with their members. With their values and principles, cooperatives inspire change in every corner of the European Union. They stand for a more democratic, sustainable, fair and people-centred Europe.

We will support the work of the European Parliament to build up a resilient, sustainable and innovative economy which serves people’s needs and aspirations.

Your support is now crucial in achieving a more cooperative Europe. We invite you to become a #CoopSupporter – a champion of putting people first.

Who can be a #CoopSupporter candidate?

#CoopSupporter can be a candidate from any party who:


  • Shares our vision of a European economy that puts people before profit
  • Supports the cooperative business model with its values & principles
  • Commits to realise the priorities of our manifesto

What can Cooperatives Europe do for the #CoopSupporter candidate?


  • Your #CoopSupporter status and candidature will be promoted on our website, social media and to our members
  • You will be put in contact with your national cooperative association
  • Subscription to #PeopleFirst newsletter with latest news concerning cooperatives on EU level
  • We may contact you in the future to inform you of events and conferences on the topic of your interest.

For any additional information please contact us at